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Laser Weapons Will Be Used In Naval Battleships

Battleship installs new laser pointer weapon

According to the British Daily Mail, the US Navy's amphibious battleship Portland will install a new Laser pointer weapon this fall. Unlike traditional turrets that require artillery shells, laser cannons are limited only by electricity. A technical officer said the Portland provided samples for the integration of laser weapons with naval vessels.


The ship is currently equipped with a $ 40 million laser weapon system. Its start-up speed is faster than the speed of ICBMs, and it can "take down" drones quickly. Once the laser hits the drone, the drone will be directly heated and explode at 1000 ° F (537 ° C). The designer said that this is an upgraded version of the US military's laser weapon system, which is very precise and can minimize the number of deaths in wartime.
The USS Portland will be used for amphibious assault, special operations and expeditionary operations. It can transport air cushions, conventional landing ships and amphibious vehicles by helicopter or vertical take-off aircraft. It is mainly responsible for transporting and deploying marine expeditionary forces. When fully operational, it will be able to carry 699 troops (up to 800).


The United States will speed up the process of ultra-strong and ultra-fast lasers. According to the latest reports from the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the National Medical College, the United States is at a disadvantage in the second revolution of ultra-strong and ultra-fast lasers; and ultra-strong and ultra-fast green laser pointer are widely used in manufacturing, medicine, and national security. Applications. At present, 80% to 90% of the world's ultra-high-power laser systems are deployed outside the United States, and all the highest-power scientific research lasers currently under construction or already completed are also located outside the United States. The report makes five recommendations that will enhance the United States' position in this area.

This report focuses on ultra-pulse pulse-watt lasers. This laser source can speed up the intense collisions of elementary particle beams, drive nuclear reactions, heat matter to the conditions where stars are located, and even create matter from a vacuum. These powerful lasers originated in the United States. However, research funding agencies in Europe and Asia have begun investing heavily in new collaborations and facilities over the past decade, and these ultra-strong lasers have been used in a wide range of scientific fields.


The committee that conducted the study and the report wrote that the super-fast and ultra-fast laser engraver has broad applicability in the scientific field and can be used in nuclear weapon reserve management, industry, and medical fields. The committee also stated that ultra-strong lasers have formed a very important scientific system and already have a large technological cluster, but are scattered among different disciplines, and cooperation between industry and government is also limited.

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