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Agency Acts As Manager Of Super-powered Laser Pointer Research

Determine important performance parameters of the Laser pointer facility
At present, there is no single federal agency serving as the manager of super laser research. There is no inter-agency management in the United States. Projects under different sponsorships without overall coordination are also located in Europe . In order to strengthen the integration and coordination in this field, the committee recommends that research institutions invite scientists to determine important performance parameters of the Laser pointer facility to best meet research needs; emphasizing parameters that exceed the current state of the art in cutting-edge science, such as peak values Power, repetition frequency, pulse duration, wavelength and adjustable focus intensity.

The committee also requested the U.S. Department of Energy to lead a comprehensive cross-agency national strategy for super green laser pointer, including plans to develop and run large-scale laboratory projects; university-sponsored mid-scale laboratory projects; and Technology development plans for technology transfer between industry and national laboratories.

The synergy between ultra-high power lasers and existing infrastructure, such as particle accelerators, is considered a key advantage of U.S. laboratories over European extreme light infrastructure programs. Based on this, the Board recommended that the US Department of Energy formulate a plan to build at least one large-scale, open, ultra-strong laser engraver facility using other major scientific infrastructure of the US Department of Energy complex. In addition, cooperation between universities, laboratories, and industry is necessary to maintain and update the talent pool, and cooperation between these departments has previously proven its role.

The report states that the current situation can be improved to develop a strong national talent pool and a strong technical foundation for this rapidly growing region. The committee's final recommendation is to require agencies to develop relevant plans for American scientists and engineers, including medium-sized infrastructure, the operation of the U.S. super laser science project, the development of key basic technologies, and participation in research by international agencies such as the ELI program.

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