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Most Of The Laser Swords Operated Are Toy Models

Lin Kai is an undergraduate student at the Polytechnic University. As an anime fan, he also has a special obsession with laser swords. "I bought a 2,000 milliwatt laser sword online. I wanted to use it as a collection. I happened to have an experimental class and took the test piece back to the dormitory with a lightsaber."

Most buyers use laser swords as a toy or as a collectible. According to the seller's sales department, for customers with different purchasing purposes, they have prepared different models to meet customer needs. Low-power models can meet the needs of children's entertainment or teachers' teaching, and high-power ones are generally used for construction site cutting.
Although there are examples of successful laser sword production, there are also many crazy fans who want to own laser swords. So, will laser swords have an impact on the human body? You can buy laser swords online. Although laser swords are not well known to most people and the sales channels are relatively narrow, as long as you search for the word "laser swords" on the Internet, you will find that there are still a certain number of operating laser swords. Merchants buying and selling.
Dr. Du, who is currently studying at the University of Michigan, told us that what is sold on the htpow website is a laser plus a so-called sword body. After removing the sword body, it can directly emit a burning laser, and it only has a luminous effect. Among the many lightsaber sellers in China, the more well-known is the "Ouyang" laser sword, a laser blade developed by American laser experts. As Dr. Du said, its blade is removable and can be mounted. A laser flashlight or laser pointer with a range of up to 3 kilometers becomes a real laser sword.

According to reports, an American "Star Wars" fan successfully created a high-powered laser pointer, which can easily cut paper and light matches. In the movie "Star Wars", the laser sword as the main weapon of the Jedi, its super energy and gorgeous effects make countless star wars fans dream of. As a student, Shi Yan is one of the numerous Star Wars fans. When she mentioned that someone successfully made a laser sword, she couldn't hide her emotions. "I really want to have a laser sword! Although we don't The lightsaber needs to be used as a weapon to maintain peace, but having it is a special complex, and it fulfills our childhood dreams. "

Other stores generally import agents to buy or sell from abroad, or sell laser swords while operating digital supplies. The registration date of these businesses can be traced back to 2004, but most of the laser swords they operate are toy models, highlighters or laser pointers. The main irradiation colors are divided into red laser pointer, blue and green laser pointer. The lowest power is 3 milliwatts. There are also laser pointers with powers of 100, 200, 300, 500 milliwatts, and 3000 mw.
However, there are only a few businesses that sell high-power lightsaber products like Star Wars. Very few claim that their laser sword power reaches 10 watts, and frankly this is only to attract the attention of buyers, the actual power is smaller than the label. These laser swords are generally composed of switches, laser diodes, and laser components. You only need to purchase matching rechargeable batteries for "energy supplement" to meet the use of laser swords.
Although the number of high-power lightsaber products is limited, the sales of star laser pointer have exceeded the expectations of these businesses. I did not expect that high-power laser swords can bring a lot of benefits to the store. After all, its price is relatively high, generally around 500 yuan. Of course, most customers who purchase such laser swords are Star Wars fans.

"Even if I buy it, I only use it for collection. It shouldn't be fiddled with it often. It hurts the skin," he said. At present, the laser swords with higher sales power on htpow are mainly divided into two colors of blue and green, and two power levels of 1000 milliwatts and 3000mw laser pointer. Blue light is more stimulating to the human body, and green light is more gentle. The higher the concentration of heat, the more dangerous it is.
The doctor of the Institute of High Energy Physics tells us that the laser's monochromaticity is much better than ordinary light sources. Laser Engraver can concentrate the energy to one point, so the laser can be regarded as a very strong light, which is caused by ordinary light energy. Damage, laser can do double damage. For example, we feel warm in the sun, mainly due to the thermal effect of infrared rays in the sun, so a red laser with a longer wavelength can cause severe burns. However, because the power of general lasers is relatively small, the thermal effect is not strong, but the laser power for industrial processing is sufficient to cause serious injury.

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